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Become a member of a professional community / Learn to weave at a pace that suits you when it suits you / Ask the experts / Share your ideas and challenges / Get inspired to try new opportunities / Sign up for courses / Learn more with videos/ Join events online and locally 

Baskets Today - a mobile app and a digital platform for committed members

Baskets Today is an app and a digital platform that allows committed people with a common interest in primarily wickery to learn, meet, share experiences, inspire and guide each other.

Baskets Today functions both as a learning platform and a community for people who meet on a common cause, which means that there will be rules and guidelines for good dialogue and togetherness. The platform's administrative team ensures that rules and guidelines are complied with.

Baskets Today is ad-free and you pay a small, annual fee for access and membership. You do not pay with your data!

When you use and recycle natural materials for eg a basket that you can normally only get in plastic, you help to support sustainability.

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What is Baskets Today?


Get inspired for new shapes and functions, get ideas for your own artistic expression


Learn about weaving techniques, tools and materials - and share your experiences


Share ideas and challenges with the other members


Attend or host local and virtual events. Hear more about exhibitions


Ask the experts and get individual or group-based coaching over video

Learn for yourself

Watch and learn through detailed videos that guide you step by step

Overview of platform


"Basketry is a craft, an interest, part of a lifestyle and a modern pursuit where you can contribute to increased sustainability".

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Who are behind Baskets Today? See below...

Craftsman and designer

For 20 years I have taught wickery in Denmark and in large parts of the world. I am constantly working on perfecting the old craft techniques and creating new designs in my own wicker. For the past 8 years, I have been teaching African basket makers new designs as an aid to greater earnings.

I am keen to pass on my experiences and insights into wicker opportunities and riches. Natural materials and wicker are a way to inner peace and growth, where you can strengthen the contact to your very own expression. I will help you with that.

Digital designer and communicator

I stand behind the digital part of the community platform and I am constantly looking to do what I do differently in a new and better way. The digital, together with the creative, has always filled a lot in both my free time and my work, especially in connection with design, sound, images and teaching.

This platform, and the work of getting it realized, combines my interest in the good craftsmanship, art, design and mental health that arises when all of this meets.

FAQ: Questions and answers

We have not set the price for a membership yet. It will be a small annual amount.

You get access to all current and future material, including videos and guides, 24/7. You can get support, advice and personal guidance within a reasonable time. You will receive invitations to various events and courses, some will be free to attend others for reduced payment.  

To the highest degree! If you have ideas for projects, such as a video, just contact us. We decide together how your contribution should be incorporated and possibly remunerated.

The administration of the platform keeps a close eye on compliance with community guidelines and rules. This applies both to the good tone in the dialogues and in relation to the material that is being shared. We always clear up misunderstandings, but a repeated breach means exclusion. Guidelines and rules will be agreed with the members once a year.

The platform complies with all GDPR rules and meets EU requirements. The platform is French. It is important to us that the platform is ad-free and that you do not pay for services with your data (like other platforms). This means that we place great demands on our partners.

Really good idea! We work with suppliers of arrows and tools and hope to be able to find some solutions so that it will be easy to get started. But we do not get around the fact that wicker makes some demands on your surroundings that you can handle alone (eg space and soaking options).

Do you want to be a member?
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